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Founded in 1937 in Fort Worth, Texas as C.E. Autry Leather, our company is now in its fourth generation. Our late boss Duane Miller purchased the retail roadshow side of the business in 2009, while his parents, Ken and Patsy still own the shop making all of the horns.

Duane grew his western-style accessories company through changes, additions, and improvements. So large that for many years he ran 3 of his booths at NFR in Las Vegas. With the sad and untimely passing of Duane in late October 2019, his wife Jan Miller and Duane’s crew have taken the helm and are continuing in his honor.

With the closing of Rodeo Houston in 2020 and incurring the huge financial loss that it entailed, we are trying hard to be more accessible outside of the shows to help keep our heads above water. It was decided to start rebranding in honor of our main man, D. We have started to switch over from Horn & Leather to D's Closet. Hopefully, this will help ease the confusion many of our customers have when they cannot find our items on his parent's horn website. They are two separate companies with completely different products. However, you will always be able to find his parent's mounted horns at many of the shows we set up at. This website is the first step and our rebranding will move a bit slowly so that we can ease into this transition in the hopes that it will go as smoothly as possible.

We will be adding more products and bringing in more men's accessories that we feel Duane would have liked, as well as home decor to reflect the life in Fort Worth and Weatherford that he loved so much. Hopefully, the merchandise we choose will be worthy of the diva deluxe shopper that he was. Thank you for visiting us online and we hope to see you down the road at a rodeo or two!

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